Limoncello Spritz (Or Is That Too Passé?)

On a terrace in the old town of Maastricht earlier this summer, I heard the lady at the next table order an Aperol Spritz. I never had one, so, sitting in that summer sun, browsing through a tapas menu, I thought: "why not." So when the waiter came to our table, that's what I ordered. … [Read more...]

From Nose To Tail: Cooking Without Waste

This is a story of the Fifth Quarter. It begins with delicious lamb. And not just any lamb: a heritage breed lamb from Abruzzo, raised on the wild pastures of Gran Sasso National Park. It is a story that highlights the beauty of its Fifth Quarter (as offal is called in Italy). And it … [Read more...]

Slow Shepherds and The Cheese Resistance

Have you ever walked in the mountains and came across livestock grazing? There is a smell, one that is both fresh, grassy, floral, and herbal even, but you can also smell the animals as they are standing there, droppings caked in their coat, chewed grass on their breath, staring at you same as you … [Read more...]