Greenland Travel with my Very Fit Teenager

When your teenager makes fun of your overall (lack of) fitness by pretending to be on a hike with you, planting both hands in his sides and exclaiming: “Beautiful view, he mom?..... MOM?.... MOTHER???” raising imaginary binoculars to his eyes and aiming them at somewhere far, grinning: “ah ... … [Read more...]

Braised Beef Tongue with Baby Carrots & Carrot-Top Gremolata

Tongue isn’t so much an acquired taste as it is an acceptance of its quirkiness. It is a tongue, after all. Get past that and you will find tongue is a delicious meat. Follow the steps in this recipe and you get incredibly tender, flavorsome meat that can hold its own against any beef stew … [Read more...]

Limoncello Spritz (Or Is That Too Passé?)

On a terrace in the old town of Maastricht earlier this summer, I heard the lady at the next table order an Aperol Spritz. I never had one, so, sitting in that summer sun, browsing through a tapas menu, I thought: "why not." So when the waiter came to our table, that's what I ordered. … [Read more...]