Limoncello Spritz (Or Is That Too Passé?)


On a terrace in the old town of Maastricht earlier this summer, I heard the lady at the next table order an Aperol Spritz. I never had one, so, sitting in that summer sun, browsing through a tapas menu, I thought: "why not." So when the waiter came to our table, that's what I ordered. … [Read more...]

A Really Good Oink in East End


A little bleary-eyed from jet lag, returning from Amsterdam only the night before, I was ready and alert the moment El Burro & The Bull's sous-chef shoved the corrugated iron plates from the bbq pit to reveal the glistening red-roasted pig. We landed in convivial dinner paradise when … [Read more...]

My Dad


Shortly before his 8th birthday, my dad - along with everyone else in the Netherlands, ran into the streets to celebrate the end of World War II, exactly 70 years ago today, May 5th 2015. But this May 5, shortly before his 78th birthday, he's not celebrating. My dad is running no more, … [Read more...]

Sergi Arola Gastro (Madrid)


Two years ago in May, I dined in the serenely beautiful restaurant of Sergi Arola Gastro in Madrid. I lived in Dubai at the time, and marveled at the discrete friendly service, the friendly-prized wine list, and yes, without a doubt: the intricate flavors and stunning presentations chef … [Read more...]